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Tangibl 3D, SDF 3D

With over 300,000 downloads in the Google Play store, SDF 3D and Tangible3D is one of the leading and most advanced 3D modeling applications for android devices.


Celliant, recently designated as a Medical Device by the FDA, is a revolutionary, patented technology that harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy through the medium of fibers.


Propertrust is a framework platform for trusted security, it sports an intrinsic environment for business and the way business is been done.


Automated payment system supporting several types of payments (mobile pay, microcredit, debit and loyalty cards, P2P and SEPA payments and alternative payments in general).


CARGORYON™ is in the process of designing and building highly proficient cargo drones, which will revolutionize airborne transport.


Votags issues quick tags and offers a discussion board, integrated social media and even payment solutions.

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