Atomind invests in technologies, companies and products benefiting from the advancing digitalization of the world while contributing to important parts of our current and future technology infrastructure. We pay attention to the commercial ability of investments as they move into the future, with a focus on high yielding and rapidly growing consumer-driven products.




“Good ideas are always crazy until they're not.”


Larry Page





Brainsfield / Kenneth (CAI)

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

London, United Kingdom


Brainsfield holds the IP Rights to CAI (Conscious Artificial Intelligence) technology. Known as Kenneth, it is the first implementation of a cloud-based near consciousness AI as a virtual avatar instance that uses the CAI technology combined with analogue computing for signal processing.
CAI will make faster, more encompassing, AI-based decisions and enable automation beyond what is possible with today's technology.


Artificial Intelligence & Automation


8Sense Technologies develops non-invasive mind-computer interface technology enabling the transfer of information to and from the human mind. The approach is based on the computation of mind-similar information structures using biological EMF effects.
This new approach in interfacing the human mind will feel like an additional sense to the already existing senses, making it possible to seamlessly interact with the ubiquitous technology around us.


Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Gräfelfing, Germany


Exelentic is a leading provider of robotic process automation (RPA) in the banking and retail sector in Europe.
In anticipation of the upcoming automation in the industry it has positioned itself strategically and is now the player with the most in-depth know-how in the market. Exelentic has been able to secure the largest mandates and has even outpaced the big 4 consulting firms when it comes to RPA.


Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Zug, Switzerland


Atogram is a software tool for influencer marketing and automation of social media content distribution.
As the online advertising market is shifting towards influencer marketing, it has become difficult to identify the best matching channel for a topic given and to single out influencers whose audience is mostly comprised of fake profiles.
Atogram solves this problem using AI methods (mainly natural language processing) to select the best channels for the content at hand. For influencers it provides tools for optimizing content for performance.


Tangibl3D / SDF3D

Artificial Intelligence & Automation


With over 300'000 downloads in the Google Play store, SDF3D is one of the leading and most advanced 3D modeling applications for Android devices.
Show Real Studios is developing both an Android version and the iOS version named Tangibl3D.
The app is especially designed for rapid 3D modelling on mobile devices with an outstanding usability to provide quick and convincing results. It allows users to design and create complex shapes that are suitable for 3D printing.


Financial Technology

Reinach, Switzerland


Sicurus is a combined data center and secure storage facility in the heart of Switzerland. It features a high security data center installation focused on storing tokenized assets, and private secure storage capacities for art and other valuables.
In the advent of ever more digital and tokenized assets and an upcoming gigantic market for security tokens, there is a growing demand for storing those assets securely. Switzerland with its high legal standards for security and data protection is an ideal place for such a facility.



Financial Technology

Zug, Switzerland


Coinsus is an enterprise wallet solution for storing security tokens. The Atomind token (ATMD) is also emitted onto the Coinsus wallet.
Coinsus is designed to support the upcoming market for security tokens and provide essential infrastructure for the new ecosystem of Wall Street-like token trading.


Financial Technology

Zug, Switzerland


Propertrust is a blockchain-based securitization platform, with Ethereum as its core. The main features include asset securitization, blockchain to paper, digital trust and certification for documents and even chat protocols.
As more and more business is conducted over email and chat software, Propertrust acts as the digital notary and signature system ensuring every transactions' integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation, so that they become legally binding.

Artisfact / Artsted

Smart Society


Artsted is an online artist-to-collector marketplace for the 100 million free artists who create a turnover of USD 5 trillion in fine art trades every year. Artsted implements a peer-to-peer approach to art selling, where the "middleman" (gallerist or dealer) is no longer viewed as central to the transaction.
Artsted uses AI augmented technology to aid and support emerging artists by determining their value coefficient. It assists art investors in their decision-making processes by providing easy-to-use trading tools such as a digital track record and provenance depository.


Smart Society

Zug, Switzerland


Droneliner will launch personal transportation drones with space for two to four people. It offers stress-free transportation even during rush hour and from local hubs in Switzerland.
The transportation lines are fixed with cable car point-to-point connections, which fulfills Swiss air transport regulations and receives the needed approval for the pilot project within the coming 24 months.


The Planetarian Society

Smart Society


The Planetarian Society pursues new societal models and the creation of special economic zones for digital nomads – people who are no longer tied to a desk but work from varying geographic locations.
With the development of faster communication networks, it will become possible for a growing number of people to work in the cloud remotely and independently of their geographic location.
This creates a great need for flexible and hassle-free solutions for individual and company domiciliation. The Planetarian Society aims to provide a structure and a legal and technological framework to serve this target group.

Aeternum Longevity

Future of Health

Rotkreuz, Switzerland


Aeternum Longevity will build a production plant in Switzerland for the nutrition supplement Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, also known as NMN. NMN is considered a longevity substance and has been proven to have therapeutic potential in treating aging and age-related diseases. In view of potential future pandemic situations it supports those who fall into risk groups by becoming more resilient to viruses.
Global demand is projected to surge within the coming 48 months.



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